4x/0.25, achondrite, aubrite, breccia, LMScope, named fall, Nikon D810, polarized, scope2, zerene stacker

Peña Blanca Spring Meteorite Thin Section

Peña Blanca Springs Meteorite Thin Section

Peña Blanca Spring Meteorite Thin Section

On March 1, 2018 Roving Reporter’s pictures of the Peña Blanca Spring meteorite appeared on the Meteorite Picture of the Day website. I was immediately struck by this Aubrite’s sharp gray/white matrix coloration and its numerous inclusions. It is an exquisite meteorite! That weekend I decided that the next meteorite thin section to photograph will be the Peña Blanca Spring Aubrite. Presented here is the result of that decision: a large thin section in cross polarized light displaying the internal structure of this beautiful enstatite achondrite. The story of this meteorite’s discovery makes for good reading, so please enjoy: Story by John T. Lonsdale.

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