All panoramas are free to view online in their original size via the krpano and Gigapan links. Please consider becoming a supporter via my Patreon page if you like the work I am producing, thanks. The images you see on the site in JPEG format, with “small” in their filename, have been scaled down by 10-15%. Prints are available in the store. After your print order is placed via the Fotomoto wizard, I will manually create an order with Bay Photo.

For most pictures I can print individual images which composed the mosaic upon special request. Also, before submitting your print order I will do a final edit to make the image perfectly aligned. Additionally, I can sell you custom photo album books created via Bay Photo. These have a price range of $150 – $300. Sample pictures of the books coming soon…

Images are processed entirely with free software, including Picture Window Pro 7.0, GIMP, and ImageMagick®. However, the image focus stacking is done with non-free software called Zerene Stacker. If the image is too large for my personal desktop to handle (RAM size), the processing is done with GIMP on a cloud server via No Machine. Please calibrate your viewing device to ensure that you are seeing the images exactly as designed.

If your camera is supported by digiCamControl, I would highly recommend this free software application over the expensive name-brand tethering software solutions. If you have a Nikon, this will save you $190.

About Me

“Solar Anamnesis” represents a bringing forth or uncovering of ancient truths long hidden to the existential life on Earth.

Serendipity properly defines my work with meteorite thin sections. It began with a curiosity — to explore nature with a microscope, and ended as my passionate hobby. Whether looking at a fossil in thin section or observing pond water, the micro-world never ceases to amaze. It was while reading Oasis in Space by Preston Cloud that I became particularly interested in early Earth formation. Because, simultaneously, I learned of J. Marvin Herndon’s somewhat radical theory on the formation of the Solar System.

If all planets formed initially as gas giants, could I prove or falsify such a theory? Scientists know that many exoplanets are gas giants orbiting incredibly close to their host star. Might not have Earth started as such a gas giant, stripped of its outer layers by a T Tauri type wind? Or did the rocky planets form from planetesimal accretion? What evidence was there for understanding how our Solar System formed? Eventually, the answer I came across was meteorites. Meteorites hold the key to unlocking all Solar System history.

I saw that meteorites were being sold as thin sections for microscopes. And there were many images of thin sections taken under cross polarized light analysis. So I purchased some and gave it a try, and when the first photons of cross polarized light from the Pasamonte Meteorite Thin Section registered in my brain I was lost in a No Man’s Land of optical experience. It reminded me of my first sight of the Grand Canyon; stunned, bewildered – my brain unable to process the scene and properly file away what sensory information was being received.

I am inspired to present this wonderful visual experience in a way as realistic as possible. This desire has developed into taking mosaics of these thin sections and presenting them online with panorama software. I hope that my work will influence young adults to become attracted to the field of meteoritics. Because even after an education in astronomy, math, and physics I had no idea how important meteorites are to science. The more people and knowledge we acquire via meteorites, the more we will known about the formation of our Solar System.


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